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Miami County Foundation is committed to sharing resources and advancing our communities to create possibilities for people within Miami County, Ohio. Eligible non-profit organizations, schools and municipalities are welcome to apply for grant opportunities from the foundation. Additional guidelines below.

Spring Grant Applications due February 28

Fall Grant Applications due September 10

NEW! Submit requests through the online grant application portalTo apply for a grant from Miami County Foundation, click the portal button to register your organization and to create/use your individual login. (Paper application packets are no longer accepted.) Recipients, following the 2023 Fall Grant Cycle will submit Final Reports through the portal.

Final Reports are due according the the timeline on the grant recipient's award letter. If you apply for a grant via the portal and are a recipient your Final Report will be submitted through the portal. (For grants received during/prior to 2023 Spring Grant Cycle, your Final Report should be submitted here.)

APPLICANT TUTORIAL Applicants are encouraged to utilize this for helpful instructions and portal navigation tools. If questions still remain, please contacMiami County Foundation with questions.

APPLICATION SAMPLE Glimpse the questions/information requested. (Questions will vary by applicant type.) 

Miami County Agricultural Leadership Fund Grant

For Agricultural-Related Projects

Please check back for grant availability later this year

For eligible organizations, schools or municipalities enhancing Miami County's agricultural-related programs,

educational opportunities and projects, this donor-advised grant opportunity is available in addition to the Miami County Foundation grant opportunity above. The Miami County Agricultural Leadership Fund was made possible by the Miami County Farm Bureau and is administered by Miami County Foundation 
leveraging partnershi
ps between the agricultural, educational,
leadership and social organizations of our community.


Funds/services should be provided directly to citizens of Miami County, Ohio.

School, Municipality or Tax-exempt

non-profit organization classified by IRS

as a 501(c)(3) or equivalent organization.

Organizations providing services to a school within Miami County will be required to submit a letter of support from that school's principal or superintendent. Non-Miami County organizations must exemplify service to the residents of Miami County and also submit a letter of support.


Applications are due February 28 or September 10.

It's the responsibility of the school applicant to notify the school's superintendent and principal of the project and request.


Organizations are limited
to one grant per 12-month period

(except schools).


Apply via Grant Application Portal only.

Recipients will be notified via e-mail and invited to a grant award celebration to accept their grant.

Final Reports are required from grant recipients. 

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