Miami County Foundation is committed to sharing resources and advancing our communities in order to create possibilities for people within Miami County, Ohio. Eligible non-profit organizations, schools and municipalities can apply for grant opportunities from the foundation. Application packets must be delivered in-person to the foundation office drop box by 4:00 PM on the due date OR postmarked by the due date.

Spring Grant Applications due February 28, 2022
Fall Grant Applications due September 12, 2022

If a due date falls on a weekend, applications will be due by 4:00 PM the next business day.

Applicants: e-mail will be a common method of communication from Miami County Foundation.
Please check your e-mail spam folder regularly to ensure that messages the weeks prior to awarding aren't missed.


*See additional specific requirements for each request type  below

(non-profits, schools, municipalities).


Funds/services should be provided directly to citizens of Miami County, Ohio.

School, Municipality or Tax-exempt

non-profit organization classified by IRS

as a 501(c)(3) or equivalent organization 



Download the fillable PDF application above to apply. A Final Report is required by specified deadlines prior to applying for another grant.

Submit five sets as indicated below and

in the application instructions.

Application packets must be postmarked

no later than February 28 or September 10.

School's superintendent signature is required on school-related applications.


Organizations are limited
to one grant per 12-month period

(except schools).

*SpeciFIC Requirements

Determine the appropriate requirements for your request:


Submit one copy of the organization’s letter of determination from the IRS certifying 501(c)(3) status or equivalent.

Submit five sets, each including:

  •  Grant application form

  •  Required signatures

  •  Basic budget for the proposed project

  •  Most recent financial statement

  •  Governing board roster

  •  Annual report-if applicable

  • If your organization is providing services to a school within Miami County a letter of support from that school's principal or superintendent must be provided.



Submit five sets, each including:

  • Grant application form

  • Required signatures, including superintendent

  • Basic budget for the proposed project


Submit five sets, each including:

  • Grant application form

  • Required signatures

  • Basic budget for the
    proposed project

*includes all government agencies