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Designated Funds:

Restricted, you specify distribution. When these funds are established you may name one or more specific organizations to reap the benefits of your fund. The Foundation will disburse the income and monitor to see that your wishes are carried out, now and forever.

Donor Advised Funds:

You may be actively involved, if you wish, in the recipient selection when you establish a donor-advised fund. Legally considered unrestricted, you may suggest one or more organizations to receive grants.

Community Funds:

Community funds benefit specific communities and support many charitable organizations and purposes within those communities.

Unrestricted Funds:

May be used where needed. These funds are considered discretionary, thereby giving the Foundation the flexibility to respond to the ever-changing needs in Miami County.

Field-of-Interest Funds:

Consider the arts, education, healthcare services for the young or any special interest you may have. The Foundation will make grants to the most appropriate programs within the field that you specify.

Scholarship Funds:

These funds will provide specific scholarships as you may direct. Select a particular field of study or institution and the Miami County Foundation will distribute funds as directed.

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