How You Can Share the Joy

As grants and scholarships are awarded you will know the joy of “people helping people.” You are invited to attend any of the grant/scholarship presentations and witness the various needs that are addressed with these funds. You are also invited to give now or defer your gift.

Suggested Methods:

Gifts to the Foundation can take many forms. In all cases, donors can direct their assets to an area of interest or to a charitable organization. Click on the methods below for more information.

Cash Gifts

Contributions of any size can be made. To meet your personal charitable wishes or to honor or memorialize a friend, family member or loved one. Cash gifts donated each year provide the basis for continued growth and support of our unrestricted account for Miami County.


The contribution of appreciated securities will provide you with the opportunity to gift the Foundation with a larger contribution. At the same time affording you the benefit of a capital gain savings when you have held the stocks or bonds for a period of time.

Benefits and Wills

When you remember the Miami County Foundation with personal property in your Will you may also request the Foundation to establish a special fund in your name or to honor a loved one. Additionally, you may designate the funds purpose.

Life Insurance

Naming the Miami County Foundation as the irrevocable beneficiary of your Life Insurance may immediately provide you with a tax deduction for the cash value amount as well as for any future premiums.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A donor transfers cash or property to a trust, which pays the beneficiary an income stream for his or her lifetime, a term of years or a combination of both. Upon the death of the beneficiary, the Foundation receives the remaining assets to use for the purposes specified by the donor.

Charitable Lead Trust

This type of trust provides income to the Foundation for a specific period of time and then distributes the assets to the donor or others designated by the donor. A Charitable Lead Trust can generate significant estate tax savings.

Name Your Own Fund

Would you like to designate your own fund to aid that special interest? You may do so under the umbrella of the Miami County Foundation. Click on a Fund Type to view a description of the fund currently administered:

Designated Funds

Restricted, you specify distribution. When these funds are established you may name one or more specific organizations to reap the benefits of your fund. The Foundation will disburse the income and monitor to see that your wishes are carried out, now and forever.

Unrestricted Funds

May be used where needed. These funds are considered discretionary, thereby giving the Foundation the flexibility to respond to the ever-changing needs in Miami County.

Donor Advised Funds

You may be actively involved, if you wish, in the recipient selection when you establish a donor-advised fund. Legally considered unrestricted, you may suggest one or more organizations to receive grants.

Scholarship Funds

These funds will provide specific scholarships as you may direct. Select a particular field of study or institution and the Miami County Foundation will distribute funds as directed.

Field-of-Interest Funds

Consider the arts, education, healthcare services for the young or any special interest you may have. The Foundation will make grants to the most appropriate programs within the field that you specify.

Community Funds

Community funds benefit specific communities and support many charitable organizations and purposes within those communities.

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Why should you choose the Miami County Foundation?


You have a living legacy until perpetuity


With your own special fund


Securities, real estate, deferred, or cash


The Foundation will target grants for you


Governed by investment policy and professionally managed


An independent audit is conducted annually and is available upon request